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Mql4 orderselect mode_history

How do we track market orders? But what if we want to do it from inside a Forex-robot? Also, I will give you an extremely useful tip on how to check if an order has been closed or not using the OrderCloseTime function. The video below is usually part of a paid course.

Here you have the chance to see it for free. This video is part of our Algorithmic Trading course. If you like it, you can check out by clicking the button below:. Our goal is to share this passion with others and guide newbies to avoid costly mistakes. Today we want to share all our knowledge and insights, so you can take your trading skills to the next level.

Source code beneath the video The video below is usually part of a paid course. What are you waiting for?

mql4 orderselect mode_history

Sign me up! Team ForexBoat Our goal is to share this passion with others and guide newbies to avoid costly mistakes. Almost there! Learn the Top-5 Forex Trading Techniques. Enter your email below:. Learn the 3 Forex Strategy Cornerstones. Enter your email address below:. Get your Super Smoother Indicator!The function selects an order for further processing.

It can be any of the following values:. It returns true if the function succeeds, otherwise falses. To get the error information, one has to call the GetLastError function. The pool parameter is ignored if the order is selected by the ticket number. The ticket number is a unique order identifier. To find out from what list the order has been selected, its close time must be analyzed.

If the order close time equals to 0, the order is open or pending and taken from the terminal open orders list.


One can distinguish an opened order from a pending order by the order type. If the order close time does not equal to 0, the order is a closed order or a deleted pending order and was selected from the terminal history. They also differ from each other by their order types. It is strongly recommended to call the OrderSelect function before request the order data. Sorting of the resulting list of orders cannot be guaranteed.

OrderProfit OrderSend. OrderSelect The function selects an order for further processing.MQL4 code help 8 replies. Running a. MQL4 Guide. OrdersCount function allows to get the orders count of predefined type. Inserted Code. Post 2 Quote May 15, pm May 15, pm. How to close all market orders: Inserted Code. Post 3 Quote May 15, pm May 15, pm. Get the OpenTime of last order with predefined type.

The function makes a search of open trades and the history. Post 4 Quote May 20, am May 20, am. Commercial Member Joined Dec 2, Posts. This is a very informative thread. Please do not stop. Continue teaching us who are new to this programming How do i code this procedure???

I want to open 3 trades in 3 different chart only after checking that there is not trade open at the moment then I want to check the PL and if it is greater then 0, it will close all open and pending orders. Then I want to open the same 3 trades in the opposite directions. Post 5 Quote May 21, am May 21, am. Quoting trader Post 6 Quote May 22, am May 22, am.

My sincerest gratitude to you, sir Post 7 Quote May 25, pm May 25, pm. Post 8 Quote May 25, pm May 25, pm. The function allows to get the date of next day. Post 9 Quote May 27, pm May 27, pm. The following code allows to retrieve the ticket of the last closed order in account history Inserted Code. Post 10 Quote May 27, pm May 27, pm.


Joined Aug Status: Member 41 Posts. Hi RickD, Can you please write a code for closing all buys only or closing all sells at a profit dollar amount in a basket trade. Thanks for you help. Post 11 Quote Edited at pm May 27, pm Edited at pm. Quoting juxta Post 12 Quote May 27, pm May 27, pm.

That was quick! I'll try it out when market opens.Once we have successfully placed an order, we will need to gather information about the order, particularly if we want to modify it. Learn in this MQL4 OrderSelect Function article how to get the order information and how to use this function if you want the EA to modify or close it.

All this is done through the OrderSelect function. To use the OrderSelectwe can ether use the ticket number of the order, or we can loop through the pool of open orders and select each of them in order.

Here is an example of an OrderSelect function using the an order ticket number.

mql4 orderselect mode_history

It is set up for the modification of the of stop loss and take profit after a buy order has taken place:. In the above example, we used the OrderSelect to select by ticket number, and then conjoined it with the OrderModify function, so we could modify the StopLoss and TakeProfit.

This example is particularly useful for ECN brokers. In an ECN broker you cannot place your stoploss and takeprofit values in their corresponding parameters within the OrderSend function. Instead, these parameters must remain as 0. Only after the trade has been placed, can the order stoploss and takeprofit be modified via the OrderSelect and OrderModify functions, as in the illustration above.

While the above OrderSelect conjoins with the OrderModify function, there is actually a range of order information functions that one can deploy to retrieve information about an order. There is a complete listing of these functions in the MLQ Reference. Here is a list of the commonly used order information functions:. Was this helpful? If so please consider sharing it. Prev Next.

You might also like to read:. Academy Home. MQL4 Logical Operators. MQL4 Trailing Stop. Learn Forex. How to Trade Forex: Step-by-step Guide. How Technical Analysis Works. How Fundamental Analysis Works. How Support and Resistance Works.When we close a market order, we are exiting the trade at the current market price, which would be the current Bid price for buy orders and the current Ask price for sell orders.

Here the close code starts with the for operator, continuously looping through the block of code to calculate the closing conditions. The last, and most important condition for this block of code, is to watch for the strategy conditions for exiting, which in the example above is the MACD exit conditions.

mql4 orderselect mode_history

It is can be useful to work with a custom close function because then you can can invoke it easily from within your Start function whenever you have the need to close an order by a any set of conditions. Your custom close function should examine the pool of currently open orders, identifying your order types along with their magic numbers. We have chosen close as the name of our custom close function, and whenever we want to invoke it, we simply have to insert that one word after our close conditions, as in the usage example above.

The second line initiates the function if there is more than zero total open positions. The third line examines the pool of currently open orders, counting them. The fourth line invoke the OrderSelect function in order to select these counted orders for further processing. We have constructed only one parameter for the custom close function, and that is the variable int type in parenthesis.

This parameter is going to be the identifier of our order type. We also want to make sure that we are selecting buy orders of the correct symbol and magic number, as you can in line Refresh Rates is a function that refreshes the rates of the currency pair, so at to get filled at the most current rates.

Lastly, we deploy the OrderClose function, the parameters of which can be found in the table above. Was this helpful? If so please consider sharing it. Prev Next. You might also like to read:. Academy Home. MQL4 Logical Operators. MQL4 Trailing Stop. Learn Forex. How to Trade Forex: Step-by-step Guide. How Technical Analysis Works. How Fundamental Analysis Works. How Support and Resistance Works.

How Trend Analysis Works. How to Properly Manage Risk. How to Use Stop and Limit orders. How to Analyze Fundamentals. Best Time to Trade Forex. What are Forex Rebates. Introduction to Automated Trading. Forex Brokers.It is a function used to close a market order. The function returns TRUE, if the trade is performed successfully. It is allowed to specify a value that is less than the available amount of lots in the order.

In this case, if the trade request is successfully executed, the order will be closed partly. This parameter is set according to the requirements and limitations accepted for performing of trades see Order Characteristics and Rules for Making Trades and Appendix 3. If there is no requested price available for closing of the market order in the price flow or if it is outdated, this trade request will be rejected; if the price is outdated, but found in the price flow and, at the same time, its deviation from the current price ranges within the value of slippage, the trade request will be accepted by the client terminal and sent to the trade server.

Color - the color of the closing arrow in a chart. If the program contains information about the type of the order to be closed, about its unique number, as well as about the amount of lots to be closed, then it is very easy to close the order. For this, you should use in the program code the OrderClose function call with preset parameters.

For example, if the unique number of the order Buy is and if you want to close 0. In order to decide about what orders and in what sequence should be closed, you have to have data of all orders opened in the current situation. In MQL4, there is a number of functions that can be used to get various data that characterize any order. For example, the function OrderOpenPrice returns the value of the order open price or of the requested price for pending ordersthe function OrderLots returns the amount of lots, the function OrderType returns the type of the order, etc.

All functions that return the values of an order characteristic call at their execution to the order that has been selected by the function OrderSelect. In order to get the parameters of any of your orders no matter market or pending, closed or deleted onesyou should first select it using the function OrderSelect. OrderSelect is a function that selects an order for further operations with it.

It returns TRUE, if the function is executed successfully. Parameter 'select' can take one of two possible values:. The parameter 'pool' can take on of two possible values:. In this case, the depth of history specified by the user for displaying of closed and deleted orders is important.

In order to demonstrate the method of using trade functions for closing of market orders, let's solve a problem:. Displaying several orders opened for different symbols in the terminal window.

We should write such a script that can be dragged by the mouse from the "Navigator" window into the symbol window, which should result in closing of one of the market orders, namely, the order closest to the cursor as of the moment when the user released the mouse button.

In Fig. It is this order that must be closed as a result of the script execution. Script closeorder. To solve the problem, we should select using the function OrderSymbol among all orders only those opened for the symbol, in the window of which the script is dropped. Then we should find the open prices of all selected market orders i.

Knowing the order open prices, we can easily select one of them that corresponds with the statement of the problem. To specify the proper values of parameters in the function OrderClosewe will also need to know some other data about the selected order: the amount of lots determined by the function OrderLots and the unique order number determined by the function OrderTicket. Besides, to find one or another price of a two-way quote, we have to know the type of the order determined by the function OrderType.Opening a new order one day after last order MT5 0 replies.

Order Comment blank after order closed 4 replies. Go only long if last closed order was sell and inverse 3 replies. How to know if the last closed order. Joined Jan Status: Member Posts. Was hit by SL or TP? I used to select last order with this code to change the boolean sell or buy to false if the order is closed and allow to open another same order Post 2 Quote Mar 26, pm Mar 26, pm. Ronald Raygun.

Post 3 Quote Mar 26, pm Mar 26, pm. Quoting Ronald Raygun. Post 4 Quote Mar 26, pm Mar 26, pm. Joined Jan Status: Member 22 Posts. Forgive my ignorance, how would you implement this code to execute only once at the end of each order? Many thanks. Long live dynamic range. Post 5 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am. Hi Ronald, I am not sure this code would be bulletproof given the potential for slippage at most brokers.

Surely it would be quite common for the Close price and the TP to be slightly off? Post 6 Quote Edited at am Mar 27, am Edited at am. Joined Jun Status: Member Posts. Quoting Doris. Post 7 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am. Post 8 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am. Quoting kennyhubbard. Post 9 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am.

mql4 orderselect mode_history

That's a perfectly viable alternative. As for how common it is, I guess my broker treats me well. Hasn't happened yet. Post 10 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am. Quoting Trad3r. PHP Code:. Post 11 Quote Mar 27, am Mar 27, am. Actually just noticed that not all brokers append the [sl] or [tp] to the comments, so this is not so reliable either. Back to you Ronald I had a look at some TP trades and there are definite differences between TP and close prices, even if it is 0.



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